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Main Kovlar Group Company

Kovlar Group Company

The company started operations in 2015 conscious of the fact that fire safety sector was in need of innovations. It was high time to introduce cutting edge technologies and new European practices in full compliance with standard norms and regulations in fair competitive environment.


fire protection laboratory


Kovlar Group offers package solutions for fire protection, including activities as follow:


  • consultancy and process management to ensure fire protection of constructed buildings and structures;
  • supply of fire protection equipment
    • for steel and reinforced concrete structures,
    • for timber and items made of wood,
    • for utility systems;
    • supply of materials for fire protection structures and works.


The company sells and makes use of its own internally manufactured and certified products.


fireproofing production


Kovlar Group is a team of highly qualified experts who gained relevant knowledge and mastered their skills over more than 20 years of experience, and therefore can fulfill any objectives at minimum costs and on schedule with warranted quality of the works performed.


Our employees are members of standardization Technical Committee workgroups: TС25 “Fire safety and fire protection equipment”, TС304 “Protection of buildings and structures”; they are members of Committee Section on the issues of technical regulations in construction, science and technology at Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine.


The experts of the company are authors of published papers, articles and patents in fire resistance and fire protection of engineering structures.


Clients of Kovlar Group can be sure of individual and professional approach in full compliance with the commitments undertaken by the company.


Our Clients


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