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Main Fireproofing Fireproofing of cables and cable lines Ammokote MF-180 water based fire retardant paint

Ammokote MF-180 water based fire retardant paint


Ammokote MF-180 paint for fire protection of cables, cable lines and cable penetrations.


Ammokote MF-180 is an intumescent type fire retardant (thermoexpanding paint) consisting of fire retardants, coke and blowing agents in an aqueous polymer dispersion.


It is designed to form a fire-retardant coating with high elasticity and adhesion to all insulating materials of the cable, which makes it possible to ensure the non-proliferation of electric and fiber-optic single and bundled cables, as well as to ensure the required fire resistance limit (fire resistance class) of utility passage points – fire resistance of cable penetrations, fire resistance of busbars, fire resistance of air ducts, etc., through fire barriers or enclosing structures that are subject to fire resistance requirements.


The minimum thickness of the fire-retardant coating makes it possible not to reduce the permissible current loads of the cable, and the resistance of the coating to external factors allows operation in conditions of high humidity and liquid aggressive environments at industrial and civil facilities, at energy facilities, incl. and at nuclear power plants.

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Ammokote MF-180 water based fire retardant paint
water based fire retardant paint