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Solvent Ammokote SOLVENT


Ammokote Solvent is an organic solvent-diluent consisting of a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons.


The solvent is intended for diluting fireproofing materials in the organic solvent Ammokote – fire retardant paints Ammokote MS-90 and Ammokote WS. In addition to reducing the viscosity of fire-retardant paints to obtain the required consistency before carrying out fire-retardant work, the solvent is used for degreasing protected surfaces, cleaning traces of surface contamination after painting, as well as for cleaning and rinsing painting equipment.


Only the use of Ammokote Solvent can guarantee high quality fire retardant treatment and its economic efficiency!

  • Characteristics
  • Certificates and documentation
Physico-chemical characteristics
Characteristic Meaning
Appearance Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid without visible suspended particles
Thinability There should be no coagulation or delamination of the fire retardant.
After drying, there should be no uneven film on the surface, as well as whitish or dull spots
Density, 20°С, g/cm3 0.880±0,02
Volatility Evaporates without a trace

Conditions of use: at temperatures from -10°C to +35°C and relative air humidity not higher than 90%.

Certificates and documentation
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Solvent Ammokote SOLVENT
Ammokote SOLVENT