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Main Fireproofing Auxiliary materials and items Ammokote TOP protective coating

Ammokote TOP protective coating


Ammokote TOR coating for increasing the moisture resistance of Ammokote fire protection systems, increasing their resistance to the actions of aggressive environments and the impact of other external factors.


Ammokote TOR protective coating is a paint and varnish material that is applied on top of various types of fire protection systems (thin-layer reactive coating, plaster coating, plates, etc.) to protect against degradation under the influence of environmental conditions and/or decorative purposes.


The use of the Ammokote TOR coating allows you to increase the service life of fire protection systems without impairing their fire protection effectiveness.


Ammokote TOR protective coating is a general-purpose alkyd paint and varnish material recommended as a finishing layer in Ammokote fire protection systems. Ammokote TOR protective coating is a proven component of Ammokote fire protection systems, with confirmation of all operational and fire protection characteristics.


Ammokote TOR reliably protects fire protection systems from negative effects associated with high humidity in rooms, from short-term effects of atmospheric precipitation, temperature changes, effects of cleaning solutions, industrial oils, etc.

  • Characteristics
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Technical characteristics
Characteristic Meaning
Appearance of the coating Smooth, homogeneous, without wrinkles and foreign inclusions
Color White, shade is not standardized*
Mass fraction of non-volatile substances, %, not less 50
Flow time from a watering can with a nozzle diameter of 4 mm at a temperature of (20±1) °C, s, not less 45
Degree of grinding, microns, no more 50
Drying time, hour, no more 24
Adhesion, point, no more 1

* At the customer's request, Ammokote TOP protective coating can be supplied in other color shades according to RAL, glossy, semi-gloss and matte.


Application conditions: the coating must be applied manually using brushes, rollers and pneumatic or airless spraying units at temperatures from +5 °C to +35 °C and relative air humidity up to 80%.


Условия  эксплуатации: в закрытых помещениях с природною вентиляцией при температурах от -45 °С до +65 °С та относительной влажности воздуха до 100%.

Certificates and documentation
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Ammokote TOP protective coating
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