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Main Fireproofing Auxiliary materials and items Fire protection solution Ammokote MF-180

Fire protection solution Ammokote MF-180


Ammokote MF-180 is an intumescent type mastic compound bulging when affected by high temperatures and preventing propagation of smoke and fire through envelope structures and fire protection barriers of regulated fire resistance class.



  • is used for covering passages in fire protection barriers and envelope structures and also for fire preventing treatment of cables and bus bars within fire protection structural systems Ammokote SCS-В and Ammokote SCS-К;
  • is used to ensure tightness of the joint seams in walls, roofing, flooring and fire protective elements, such as air duct flange connections, doors, windows, apertures, passages of steel and polymer pipework, etc.


Full information can be viewed in Ukrainian and Russian.

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Fire protection solution Ammokote MF-180
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