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Universal detergent Ammokote CLEANER


Ammokote CLEANER is a means for washing away soot, soot, tarry soot from metal, concrete, wood, glass, and plastic surfaces. The product is an aqueous solution of nonionic detergents and harmless active organic and inorganic substances.


Ammokote CLEANER is a low-toxic product with an exceptional ability to dissolve combustion products (soot, soot, soot), smoke and organic resins, oil and grease pollution. It does not contain hydrocarbon solvents, phosphates, silicones and ionic surfactants, undergoes biological decomposition and minimizes the danger to personnel.


Ammokote CLEANER is recommended for use:

  • when preparing for fire-resistant processing of construction structures that have been exposed to combustion products in buildings and structures;
  • for cleaning surfaces from oily, petroleum and other contaminated surfaces;
  • for cleaning tanks, reservoirs, pipelines from mineral, resinous, asphalt-bituminous, paraffin contaminated;
  • for removal of smoky resin deposits, persistent fat and protein residues on food industry equipment;
  • for cleaning smoking chambers, grill equipment, chimney pipes, etc.
  • Characteristics
  • Certificates and documentation
Physical and chemical characteristics
AppearanceClear or opalescent liquid with a yellow tint
Density, g/ml1,0-1,1

Application conditions: at temperatures from +5 °C relative air humidity to 100%.

Certificates and documentation
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Universal detergent Ammokote CLEANER
Universal detergent Universal detergent