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Main Fireproofing Auxiliary materials and items Anti-corrosion universal primer Ammokote PRIMER

Anti-corrosion universal primer Ammokote PRIMER


Primer material Ammokote PRIMER for anti-corrosion treatment of steel structures and increasing adhesion of fire-retardant materials


Primer for metal Ammokote PRIMER is a general purpose alkyd paint and varnish material, which is recommended for painting metal structures before applying fire retardant materials, as one of the components of the Ammokote fire protection system.


Ammokote PRIMER metal primer provides excellent adhesion and compatibility with fire-retardant materials under normal operating conditions, and when exposed to fire it does not spread or peel off from the surface of structures, which ensures the integrity of the fire-retardant coke layer.


Ammokote PRIMER is also used for priming surfaces of ferrous metal, wood, and concrete before painting with alkyd and water-dispersion enamels.


Alkyd primer for metal structures provides anti-corrosion, protective and adhesive properties, and also significantly reduces the consumption of basic paints and varnishes.

  • Characteristics
  • Certificates and documentation
Technical characteristics
Characteristic Meaning
Appearance of the coating Even, uniform, semi-glossy
Color Dark red, the shade is not normalized
Mass fraction of non-volatile substances, %, not less 55
Conditional viscosity according to a VZ-246 viscometer with a nozzle diameter of 4 mm, sec, not less 45
Degree of grinding, microns, no more 45
Drying time, hour, no more 24
Adhesion, point, no more 1

Application conditions: the primer is applied manually using brushes, rollers or pneumatic spraying units at temperatures from +5 to +35°C and relative humidity up to 85%.


Operating conditions: after application, the primer coating film is weather-resistant, resistant to sea and fresh water, washing solutions, mineral oils and temperature changes from -45°C to +60°C.

Certificates and documentation
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Anti-corrosion universal primer Ammokote PRIMER
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